🔥 About Visualvinyls

Do you make your own designs?

Most of our vinyls are unique and exclusively designed by our team of artists; while others are inspired by trends and some of the most famous iconic vinyl designs out there.

How do you carve your designs?

A variety of tools and methods are used to carve our designs. To achieve utmost precision, we leverage rudimentary hand tools as well as sophisticated Computer numerical control (CNC) machines. It is an artistic process. Carving these vinyls is highly manual work!

Are Vinyls still playable?

Some parts of the Vinyls are playable, just try them out! They used to be fully playable records – maybe they still have some music left in them...

How do I hang my vinyl?

It’s easy, you can simply use Duct tape and stick it to the wall, hang it on a nail or frame your Vinyl.

Do you customize/ make personalized designs?

Yes! Just shoot us a message and we’ll see whether it’s feasible. Shipping time for such custom work usually takes from 2 to 3 weeks and cost 35 EUR

They look fragile how do they handle shipping?

We very rarely experience shipping issues, but should you have problems, we'll resend your vinyls at no cost or will provide you a refund.

Where do you get the Vinyls from?

We gather vinyl records from salvage yards, second hand
shops, and refuse centres. Places where they will eventually be disposed of and end up in landfill. We rescue these vinyls and turn them into these unique vinyl art pieces.

What is their size?

They are cut from 33 1⁄3 rpm LP's measuring 30cm in

⚡ Shipping and delivery

How long does shipping usually take?

If ordered in Europe, Vinyls may take 3 to 5 days to arrive

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is 3.95 EUR to France and Switzerland

Where do you deliver?

We deliver from Switzerland to Switzerland and France!

📦 Returns and refunds

What if I received a product that is broken or damaged? Will I receive a refund?

Refunds are offered to customers that receive damaged or wrong items. If any of these conditions apply, please contact us at info@visualvinyls.com with photos of wrong/damaged items, and we’ll sort that out for you (by sending a new vinyl or issuing a refund).